Heroes & Legends™ Fencing offers one-of-a-kind home fencing that any sports fan simply must have in their home. Our products tap into the enormous love of sport in America, particular for the nation’s official pastime: baseball. Our fencing is available in styles that include the logo of the New York Yankees. Sports fans can now take fencing to the next level with Heroes & Legends™ Fencing!


First-of-a-Kind Collection
For Sports Aficionados of All Ages
Built-in Customer Base with Established Buying Power
Various Styles Available

The Market

Story Behind the Invention

Tony Gioe of Yonkers, NY has created a line that will appeal to sports aficionados of all ages! Inventor Gioe holds the exclusive rights to various creative and artistic product designs, including the patented Heroes and Legends™ beds, cribs, fencing and railings. Sports fans already love to buy apparel and other memorabilia to show their devotion to the game, and now they’ll be able to purchase an iconic piece of furniture or fencing!

The Heroes and Legends™ name honors the commitment of real life heroes who inspire others through their courage, effort, skill, ingenuity, compassion, and sacrifice. 

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